Sunday, January 13

Middle of the road.

That day finally came and she knew she was hopeless. She was so near yet so far away from you. "I guess this is it, I made no effort to see you and I may not see you again for a very long time. There goes my opportunity," she said. But nonetheless, that very day she woke up feeling like a new person, a day she knew she could start sorting herself out and start pulling herself back together. She never knew how it was all going to happen nor what to expect but she was ready to embrace whatever that is brought at her. To explore again. To believe again. It was just one damn fine day; a silver lining.

There she was that afternoon, with her sister on their way to college. Until she felt something unusual. You know, they say 'a woman's intuition is never wrong', well this was one of those moments. She felt a person behind her but she dared not glance behind. She did not even dare to tell her sister about it. She just kept on walking, walking and walking. Talking to her sister pretending like everything was alright. She was without a doubt, worried. And then she realised that the person behind her was running. She became even more afraid but she pretended like the person was just someone rushing to class or work. But who was she kidding. She feared that the person, who had a male figure, was up to no good; a robbery, a snatch-theft, a kidnap. She felt as he got closer and before she could react, her thoughts were interrupted when he patted her on her right shoulder. "He's got me now. What should I do? Don't panic. I'll just give him whatever he demands for. Breathe. Everything's going to be alright." It was in the middle of the road when she turned and,
There you were.

Proximity to you was stirring. Words pale in comparison. Thoughts rapidly fell behind one another. Her feelings held in the balance were overwhelming. You came near and whatever is missing in her life, was found. But she was lost for words. She was just so starstruck. All she wanted to do was stare at you. Hold you close. In disbelief that it really was you.

"I ran all the way from X when they said they saw you," you said, panting.

She was flabbergasted. Such a pleasant surprise, that was. Such a thoughtful gesture. But she also wondered if she deserved it. She thought to herself of all the OTHER THINGS that you could have done but you did not do.

You didn't just ignore the fact that she was near.
You didn't just call her up to tell her about it.
You didn't just forget.
You didn't just leave.  
You didn't let the opportunity slip by. 
You took that leap of faith.

sealed with a hug. 

Dearest you,

You made her day. You made her genuinely happy and it's been a long while since she last felt that way. Or has there been anyone who has made her feel that way. It's amazing, the things you do. She couldn't hope for a better way to see you before you left. She was and still is ever so grateful of your effort. Your effort to see her. But this was all you. She was so caught up in the moment that she fell short for words and before she knew it, there you went and there she went. On separate directions. Here's what she would have said to you if she could.

"Thank you for running all the way just to see me. That says it all. We've gone through a lot together and it's amazing to know that I'm not alone in this. I would pause the time right now just so I could stay close to you for as long as possible but have a safe flight tomorrow and remember, I will always be here for you and I will always love you. Thank you for making me believe again, my little fighter. Thank you for everything, S." (and by now, tears should be streaming down my cheeks) (because they really are right now) -inception :P

Your best friend,

The little things you do, selfless little fighter.
Expect the unexpected. 
She talks about you like you put the stars in the sky.

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