Sunday, December 9

A rusty halo.

Ever felt like you've been taken advantage of?
Ever felt like you're under appreciated?
Ever felt like you're better off being mean?

I'm no saint but I'm nice. I know that because I hardly be mean to my friends (unless I really have to). I tend to lose my wits once in a while but that's only normal. At the end of the day, I'm human and I come with imperfections.

I always believed that if you treat a person well, you will be treated well in return. What goes around, comes around, right? Yeah. I believed that, too. Still do believe in it.

But more often than not, people take advantage of your niceness. God knows what has happened to this world. It is only a rare species who genuinely appreciates you for being nice. For being you. Now, everyone has an intention at the back of their minds. Bad intentions. And, one thing I know for sure, being taken advantage of isn't nice at all. It makes you feel so inferior. Like, someone has taken control over you.

It is because of that, people get tired of being nice. People get tired of caring. People get tired of tolerating. People get tired of compromising. People get tired of trying. People get tired of being the only one putting the effort. People lose hope. People lose faith. People stop believing in what they once believed.

The story of mine.
It's near impossible for me to stop trying. But I'm tired. I'm tired of all these.

Tired of being nice.
Because it just doesn't seem right. Nothing seems to go the way I want it to. Most of you make me feel that way, just foryourinfo.
Tired of tolerating with the nonsense some of you throw at me.
I can tolerate once, or twice. But I get tired. Tired of being at my losing end when you're being the winner.
Tired of being someone I'm not.
Someone you expect me to be. This is the end of it. R-I-P to the girl you used to know.
Tired of caring.
Because you couldn't care less about me.
Tired of being invisible. :(

What I'm trying to say is, there's a limit to everything. Stop fooling yourself by doing things others don't want you to do. It's your life. You make the decisions. Don't wake up and realise too late because yes, it could just slip away from you.

Why rusty halo, you ask? Well, it's actually a song by The Script but the title gave me a little inspiration. A perception of my own. Take the literal meaning of a rusty halo, it simply means, in my terms, 'Been nice for too long but was under appreciated, so stopped being nice'. Get it, now? :)

Rusty Halo by The Script
Stick with the people who saw you when nobody else did.
I got to shine my rusty halo.

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